Why Visit an Optometrist?

An optometrist is an eye care professional who is trained to examine your eyes for vision problems and to manage these problems.

Testing a child’s eyes is not the same as testing an adult’s eyes and not all Optometrists will examine a child’s eyes. Please see the list of Optometrists on this website who specialise in children’s eye care.

An optometrist who specialises in child’s eyecare will have special equipment to help carry out all the tests needed to tell them what is going on with your child’s eyes and how well they can see. This is very important when testing young children who may not yet be able to talk properly or answer questions in the same way as an older child or adult can. The Optometrist will also know what is normal for your child’s age.

Your child can sit on your knee during the examination. It may take more than one appointment for the optometrist to have a clear idea of how well your child’s eyes are doing or where there is a problem.

The optometrist may need to put special drops into your child’s eyes to make the eye examination more accurate.

The optometrist will carry out a series of specially designed tests to evaluate the health of your child’s eye and vision. The Optometrist will make recommendation s which they feel are necessary to help your child see better.

Remember, the Optometrist is there to help you and your child. Feel free to discuss any concerns or questions you have about your child’s eyes with them.

What will the optometrist do if there is a problem?

What the optometrist will do if there is a problem with your child’s eyes, depends on what that problem is.

Sometimes, the problem can be rectified simply with glasses. This may be a short term measure or your child may need them for a longer time.

The optometrist may also feel that your child needs to see an Ophthalmologist or an Eye Doctor where the vision problem needs more complex care.

Finally, the Optometrist may decide that your child’s problem can be helped with special eye exercises. Sometimes those exercises are done in co-ordination with wearing glasses, sometimes they are not.

The optometrist will NOT give your child glasses unless they need them. Your Optometrist will clearly explain to you why your child needs glasses and will demonstrate to you why.

You should never worry about an Optometrist who specialises in children’s eye care giving your child glasses that they do not need.

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