Choosing Frames

An optometrist specialising in children’s eye care will carry a good range of frames specifically designed to meet a child’s vision requirements. You may not like the shape or the style of these frames, but it is most important that you take your optometrists advice on this matter.

Frames should fit well. They should be secure over the nose and ears. The frames should NEVER slip down your child’s face.

Materials such as titanium are light and very strong. They may cost a little more than other frames but they will last a lot longer and your child is more likely to grow out of them than break them.

The frame should  have an eye shape which is more rounded. This will ensure that your child will not look out over the top of the frames.

Special impact resistant lenses are a better choice than ordinary plastic ones if you are worried about your child breaking their glasses.

If your child has high prescription, the lenses can be thinned down and made lighter.

Always have a spare pair of glasses in an up to date prescription for your child.

If your child needs glasses for sport, there are some really good sports frames available in special materials which will stay on during sport and will not break if hit by a ball.

Glasses should always be taken off with two hands and kept in their hard case when not being worn.

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